37-year-old Avril, always being rebellious is courage

May 20 years ago

Avril Lavigne, 17, was born in smoky makeup

The first single “Complicated” was released

was nominated for the Grammy Award for Song of the Year and

Best Female Pop Vocalist Award.

17-year-old Avril Lavigne,

Unlike all post-millennial idols,

Holding a skateboard, carrying a guitar,

Wear fat trousers and canvas shoes,

Huang Mao, decadent, like a “bad girl”.

10 years ago – about the future of the little blond girl

In the spring of 1986, on the streets of a small town in the south of Canada, a two-year-old blond girl had just finished going to church with her family. At this time, she was holding her mother’s hand and swaying slowly towards home.

This is their family tradition as devout Christians, and church music has subtly become the musical enlightenment of this little girl.

When her father handed the first microphone she bought to Avril, she never stopped singing and fantasizing about singing to thousands of people.

Later, she added a drum set, keyboards and a few guitars to the home, and transformed the basement of the home into her recording studio.

After that, Avril would plunge into the basement as soon as school was over, learning and practicing on others’ songs while composing.

Avril has become a “weird” in the family since she can start wearing it herself.

She used leftover candy wrappers to make pigtails for herself, and she used her father’s tie to get her hairstyle. Most of the arguments with her mother were related to refusing to wear skirts.

Anyway, from beginning to end, she resisted wearing the so-called “what a girl should look like”.

17 years old – Hundreds respond to a single call

life‘s like this you

and you fall and you crawl and you break


At the age of 17, Avril released her first single “Complicated” and her first solo studio album “Let Go”. Rammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album, the album has sold more than 20 million copies worldwide.

It was a person who looked at this rising star and knew that the future belonged to Avril Lavigne.

Avril Lavigne, 17, was born in a smoky makeup. She is different from all the post-millennial idols, holding a skateboard, carrying a guitar, wearing fat pants and canvas shoes, yellow hair, decadent, like a bad girl.

In an interview with foreign media in 2003, when Avril was asked where the inspiration for these songs that swept the global charts came from, she made no secret that most of her creative inspiration came from the negative. mood.

And so-called pop labels, including “Anti-Britney,” she’d always felt were an attempt to commodify her.

This attitude of anti-mainstream behavior has been announced to the world when she released her first album “Let Go” in 2002:

“A skateboarder, a ballerina, what do you want me to say?

No one thinks that boys are worthy of girls in reality.

But years later, the ballerina was feeding the kids at home alone, and the skateboarder became a rock star.

Deserve your prejudice to make you mediocre and rush your life! ”

——”Sk8er Boi”

In addition, “Sk8er Boi” has created a new branch of punk – skate punk.

Her debut album sold millions worldwide, making Lavigne the third best-selling Canadian female artist of all time after Celine Dion and Shania Twain.

In the field of punk music, Avril is the only one.

19 years old – become a champion

All the pain

I thought I knew

——《Take Me Away》

In May 2004, Lavigne released her second solo studio album, Under My Skin.

The style of this album is more alternative than the previous one, and her style has become more cold and “blackened”. The album topped the Billboard album chart with weekly sales of 381,000 copies in the United States, and the cumulative global sales exceeded 8 million copies. In September of the same year, Avril started her second solo world tour “Bonez Tour”.

Due to the success of the first album, the record company only gave Avril 6 months to write the second album.

She made a bold decision: she rejected the professional production team outright, and single-handedly formed the main creative team with a musician wife she met on tour.

Avril, who has been familiar with guitar, drum and keyboard rhythms since childhood, wrote “Under My Skin” in her friend’s studio with a score. It was not until the last minute of the recording that she put one of the grunge anthems “My Happy” Ending” is finished.

The album includes “Girlfriend”, Avril’s only song to date to reach number one on the U.S. B chart.

Because of this “Girlfriend”, Avril began to truly gain the key track of public popularity in China, and also began to leave the name “Avril” in every corner of the world.


21 – Bad Emotional Life

“Life is too short, I’m a Libra, so I love it”

From a conservative universal perspective, Lavigne’s “bad girl” image is often criticized by the public for her emotional life. At the age of 21, she married Deryck Whibley, the frontman of the band Sum 41, but ended what was supposed to be a romantic and dreamy relationship in a hurry four years later.

In 2013, she and Nickelback’s lead singer Chad Kroeger got married a month after they fell in love. At the wedding, Avril Lavigne wore a pure black Gothic wedding dress, and she still smiled brightly under the nourishment of love. The two wrote and wrote songs together, but it is a pity that this married life with less and more separation came to an end three years later.

But even apart, Avril and Chad Kroeger are still good friends, and the album “Head Above Water” recording her rebirth was officially completed in Chad Kroeger’s music studio. Regarding Avril’s nirvana rebirth, the ex-husband and the media also said that they were obvious to all.

Last month, Avril Lavigne officially announced her engagement. Her boyfriend Mod Sun knelt down on one knee and proposed to her with a diamond ring. She said “YES”.

Avril Lavigne doesn’t care about the dissatisfaction of fans, just like her character has always been: uncompromising and being yourself.

35 years old – reborn

In 2013, Avril Lavigne disappeared from the public eye for five years due to Lyme disease. Even during her illness, Avril did not isolate herself from music, writing guitar scores on her hospital bed and recording chords on the piano. Five years later, Avril Lavigne, 35, brings her sixth album, Head Above Water.

“Inner strength” is the theme of the eight songs on the album, and it’s inexplicably a bit like Sister Dalei’s moody epic songs.

A few years ago, metaphorically wrapped songs like this were all over the place, but they have now been replaced by the naked acknowledgment of vulnerable nihilists.

However, whether or not to keep up with the fashion has never been something Avril would consider.

She composes songs around her own vocals, rather than deliberately building a grand soundtrack just to accentuate one vocal, that’s the dry “music-focused” kind of music that Avril loves Emphasized “Original Track”.

In February of this year, Avril Lavigne returned with her seventh full-length studio album “Love Sux”. The iconic vocals and energetic melodies brought people back to the era that belonged to her.

To borrow a comment from a fan:

“It’s an inspirational girl and a wild and cool girl, a handsome princess and a witch who plays with fire. It’s not difficult to find that these “famous” inherent to her have come back brightly. The blonde hip-hop Avril is back! I always find that “I’m back” always appears by her side, because she lives in our memories and has never left. I hope to lead you to the door god of Europe and the United States, You never forgot.”


The one in everyone’s youth

Avril never disappeared

Avril Lavigne, 37

still maintain self

Maybe that’s not the so-called rebellion

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