7 Going-Out Looks That Don’t Feel Try-Hard

Whether you’re a karaoke-and-cocktails kind of person or prefer a quiet drink and a bite to eat at your pub, we’re willing to bet that you already have a going-out uniform that you subscribe to. Still, after months of having little to look forward to on the weekend other than a takeaway and a box set, now that our favourite after-dark haunts have opened once again, we’re finding that we don’t have the energy to dress up in fancy clothes like we used to. Cue casual going-out outfits. 

It’s good to shake up your outfits from time to time, and there are plenty of laid-back but chic looks to try for your next Saturday night out. Some of our favourite fashion people, who have already embraced going on nights out again, have lots of fresh new outfit ideas, which, you’ll be pleased to hear, don’t involve constricting dresses or challenging skyscraper heels. Instead, they boast a potent blend of casual-cool, the covetable high/low aesthetic that some influencers do so well.

Scroll below to see seven flawless casual night-out ideas for you to try for your next bar visit or dance-floor session. Then, shop any pieces you might need to re-create them. 


Casual Going Out Outfits: @emilisindlev wears an oversized shirt and a black mini dress



Style Notes: On their own, minidresses can feel fancy and, as such, out of place in some venues. However, throw an on-trend oversized shirt over the top, and it’ll feel significantly more effortless. 

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