Addison Rae Shares the Most Photogenic Beauty Product She Owns

On the surface, Addison Rae’s summer appears to involve many of the activities you would expect from a 20-year-old. There are pool days, plenty of Netflix, and even a bit of back-to-school shopping. A single scroll through any of her social media profiles, however, reveals just how much the multi-hyphenate star has been up to this season.

For Rae, there are no late summer mall trips, but there is a feature in American Eagle’s new back-to-school campaign, alongside other Gen Z stars like Jenna Ortega and Madison Bailey. Sure, she’s managed to sneak in some poolside R&R—while also sharing photos of her “days off” to almost 160 million fans on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. And rather than wrapping up the season binging Netflix in an air-conditioned room like the rest of us, Rae is starring in one of the platform’s most-anticipated summer releases: the forthcoming remake of the ‘90s classic She’s All That.

That’s quite a few accomplishments for someone who was starting her freshman year of college at Louisiana State just two summers ago—and the list still growing. Just yesterday, Rae announced yet another project: the launch of her ITEM Beauty line at Sephora. Starting August 19, her collection of clean skincare and makeup products will be available in all of the retailer’s stores and on It’s a huge step for the one-year-old brand and represents a vote of confidence from the beauty industry.

To celebrate the new partnership, we caught up with Rae to talk about all things ITEM. Keep reading to learn more about her favorite beauty products, her exciting plans for the brand, and more.

On Launching ITEM Beauty at Sephora

“I think that’s everyone’s goal when they start something as exciting as a makeup line. Being in Sephora is something that I could have only ever dreamt of, especially as a kid. I feel like I learned about so many brands in makeup by going to the store with my mom and my friends. I also learned a lot about clean beauty and its importance by going to Sephora and seeing how much emphasis they put around their clean brands.

“Having ITEM now as a part of the Clean at Sephora category is just so incredible and exciting because it was really formative during that time when I was learning what I enjoy about makeup and what kind of products I like. I’m just really, really excited for more people to be able to physically go in and try out the products and see what they enjoy. And hopefully, everyone really loves it.”

On the Most Important Elements of Her Brand

“Clean ingredients and clean formulas. As I was getting older and learning more about makeup, I wasn’t really sure what the difference really was between clean and non-clean products, so I was learning how to educate myself on that and figure out what was best for me and my skin. [Launching my brand] gave me an opportunity to tell other people about how easy the switch to clean beauty is.”

The ITEM Products She Uses to the Last Drop

“My Lash Snack ($15). I am obsessed with mascara—anyone who knows me knows I’m like a mascara-holic. I love whenever it’s super dark and spidery and dramatic. I would literally layer it on all day until I fall asleep if I could.

“I also love using my One Hit ($18) mist until it’s completely gone. It keeps my skin really refreshed, and it’s something that’s easy and on the go. I think it’s really important to have something that brings your makeup back to life every once in a while, especially in the summertime when it’s insanely hot.”

ITEM Beauty
One Hit

The Photogenic Products She Applies Before Every Photo

“For sure, the Lip Quip ($14). I love a glossy lip. Especially in a video, it’s super captivating to see someone with really bouncy, plush, and juicy lips. I think it just looks so good. Or our Lid Glaze ($14)—it’s just such a good flush of color and shine. I love a good highlight in a photo, and that product really accentuates my features.”


The Viral TikTok Beauty Trend She Loves

“There’s been so many innovative things for hair, like using a sock for curls. I love when people use things that aren’t necessarily meant for that reason. I do that with my Brow Chow ($15) a lot. I’ll use it to draw freckles. That’s one of my favorite things to do with it. And it’s obviously for your brows, but I like to find new ways to use products in multiple ways.”

ITEM Beauty
Brow Chow

The Best Makeup Tips She’s Picked Up From the Pros

“I’ve learned so many tricks through the makeup artists that I’ve gotten to work with. Mary Phillips is so incredible, so talented, and I try to pick up on the little things that she does. Even just the way she’ll put concealer on, or the spots she’ll apply bronzer or the tones of color that she’ll use. She was the person that started getting me to use cooler tones. I used to always use warm tones and thought that orange was the best color for me, but now I’m starting to dive deep into different makeup colors. And I’ve noticed that I love cool tones, and they look better with my skin and hair color.”

On Her Future Plans for ITEM Beauty

“We have a really exciting launch coming up for my birthday, which is going to be really fun for me. It’s coming up really, really soon, and I think people are going to enjoy seeing a little twist on the ITEM products that we’ve come out with.”

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