Best Time to Visit Rome

Through four seasons of the year, Rome is a truly stunning city. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t some times of the year that are better for visiting Rome than others – something that’s made abundantly clear to those braving the peak-season crowds. As far as determining the very best time to visit Rome, it all comes down to who you are, what you are expecting and what you would like to get from your trip. Work this out and you can then work out the ideal time to plan your visit.



Consider the Weather in Rome

When deciding the best time to visit Rome, weather condition is one of the key factors that one has to consider.

Perhaps the most pivotal factor of all for visitors to Rome is the weather, which can of course make or break your stay as a whole. While the middle of the summer is always the busiest time in Rome, the weather is actually at its best from September to October and between April and June. During these times, the days are usually wonderfully sunny without ever becoming overbearing. What’s more, the chances of experiencing afternoon rain showers are also much lower during these times of year. In the peak of the summer, you can expect temperatures in the 90s, though these slip to a much more pleasant 75 or so in the months before and after the summer.

Winter in Rome can be somewhat on the unpleasant side from weather perspective as things get very grey, very wet and rather cold. It’s also very rare for a great deal of snow to fall on Rome, though it is quite stunning when this happens.

Weather in Rome

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