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Can You Freeze Cilantro?

Can you freeze cilantro? Technically, cilantro can be frozen similar to freezing mushrooms. As per the reports from Washington State University’s Clark County Extension, cilantro has been used in foods since 3000 B.C for its strong and citrusy flavor. Cilantro is part of the carrot family and is a difficult and temperamental herb to grow. The dried seeds of the plant are called coriander which has a much milder taste as compared to the leaves. Fresh cilantro imparts flavor to salsa and salads. If not stored properly, fresh cilantro does not last very long. If it is frozen when fresh, it can be preserved till needed.

Freeze Fresh Cilantro in a Bag

Frozen cilantro usually results in icicle-squashed mush, but it works fine when you want to use the icy bits and toss them into the soups, salsa and stew for flavor. However, you may want fresher cilantro and here is what you can do to freeze it in a bag.


Once you have a good bunch of cilantro, get it clean, wash if required. Dry it thoroughly before freezing.


Place the bunch of cilantro in a resealable freezer bag.


Place the first bag into another bag and press to remove as much air as possible. Seal, label and date.


Place in the freezer.


Note: You can pluck frozen sticks of the cilantro whenever required and put it in the hot dish when cooking. The cilantro may not look good or special but will disperse the original flavor in the dish.

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