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Convection Oven

Convection oven have been using in most commercial kitchens for quite some time and are now gaining popularity in home kitchens as well. They are mainly gas run or electric ovens. A convection oven has an added advantage of having a fan, as compared to a traditional oven, which are usually radial or thermal. The fan in the oven helps in circulating the warm air, which helps in even cooking, browning and crisping the food. The overall cooking timing reduces by 25% using convection oven, and makes meat juicy, moist and tasting better. It also decreases the time spent in the kitchen.

When to Use Convection Oven for Cooking?


The food being cooked and the container being used will usually determine which cooking method should be used. If the container does not allow air flow around the food, then it is pointless to use the convection oven. 

You should use convention oven when cooking:

  • Cookie sheets

  • Shallow pans 

Conventional oven should be used for:

  • Covered casseroles, pan or dishes

  • Deep roasting pans

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