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Crock Pot to Cook Frozen Chicken: 5 Tasty Recipes

The slow cooker (sometimes called a "crock pot") allows foods to be cooked unattended. This makes the crock pot convenient to use. One of its benefits is the ability to simply place ingredients into the crock pot and turn it on. One of the dishes you can make is to put the frozen chicken in crock pot.

One simple crock pot cooking method involves using a chicken, straight from the freezer. There is no need to thaw the chicken or pre-cook it before placing it in the crock pot. Here are several frozen chicken crock pot recipes that are delicious and easy to make.

Part 1: Ways to Cook Frozen Chicken in a Crock Pot for One Dish Supper


Prepare: 10 mins

Cook: 8 hrs

Total time: 8 hrs 10 mins




Frozen chicken breasts (boneless and skinless)


2% milk

1/3 cup

Stove Top stuffing mix and seasoning

1 package (6 ounces)

Cream soup

1 can


1 2/3 cups

Medium onion(diced or sliced)

1 medium

Sliced mushrooms (optional)

8 ounces



  • Place the sliced mushrooms and diced onion in the crock pot.

  • Place frozen chicken in crock pot.

  • Pour the milk and at least one can of cream soup onto the chicken. Add a second can of cream soup for additional gravy if desired.

  • Add water to the stuffing mix and seasoning, then spoon the mixture over the chicken.

  • Cover the crock pot and cook for 8-10 hours or until chicken is cooked through.

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