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Cumin Substitute

As a kind of spice, cumin is hotter in the taste and lighter in the color compared to caraway. Cumin seeds are available in three colors: black, white and amber, of which amber is available widely. Black cumin is different from the other variants in terms of flavor and does not work well as a substitute for the other two types. Cumin seeds are available either whole or as a ground spice. When a recipe requires cumin and you don’t have it, you will need cumin substitute that you can find here.

Three Cumin Substitutes

Cumin is also known as zeera/jeera and belongs to the Apiaceae plant family. It is originally from the east Mediterranean region to India. Cumin is an essential ingredient in curry powder recipe. It is widely used in recipes from varied cultures like Asia, Mexico, Middle East and Mediterranean.

It is difficult to get the same taste as cumin in any recipe; however, the following can be used as substitute for cumin:

  • Powdered coriander

  • Chili powder

  • Caraway seeds

You can use the cumin replacement with half of the amount mentioned in the recipe and then adjust till the desired taste is achieved.

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