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Difference Between Red and Green Curry

The curries prepared in Thai cuisine are very famous and they are available in various types. The pastes used in making the curry are named by the color and are also categorized on the same basis. The main ingredients used in Thai curry dish are coconut milk, vegetables or meat, seafood, herbs fruits and curry paste. And the curry paste usually determines whether it is red or green curry. Here we will talk about the difference between red and green curry, which are the most popular curries in Thailand.

What Is the Difference Between Red and Green Curry?

In the traditional recipes for Thai curries, the difference between red and green curry came from the type of chili used while preparing the curry paste. Some ingredients used remained the same, but red chilies give red color and green chilies give green color to the curry. Besides the color, the taste of the chilies also differs, giving a distinct taste for red or green curry.

Red curry or green curry has always been a debate, but ultimately it is a matter of choice and taste. Dried long red chilies also known as prik chee fah are used in making red curry paste. Red curry paste is very versatile and used in many dishes in Thai cuisine. It is also known as kreung gaeng phet daeng which has a ruddy hue and has coriander, garlic, shallots, white peppercorns, cumin, roots of cilantro, kaffir lime rind, lemon grass, shrimp paste, sea salt and galangal in it.

Green curry paste or kreung gaeng keo wahn has green chilies and herbs in it. This is the main difference between red and green curry. Some ingredients are similar to red curry paste including shallots, white pepper, coriander root, garlic, lemon grass, kaffir lime rind shrimp paste and sea salt. The other ingredients which give the green curry another hue of green are sweet basil leaves, kaffir lime leaves and round green eggplant.

If you want to make these delicious curries at home, you can refer to the following videos.

For red curry, please see the video below.

For green curry, please see the video below.

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