Earth-Like Planets: Do They Exist?

A lot of "Earth-like" planets are out there, but not all of them necessarily have landscapes that are identical or similar to Earth's. For example, Mars has been described as "Earth-like" thanks to its rocky surface, despite having no trees or oceans. Scientists have found planets outside of our solar system that might be more like Earth than our "local" terrestrial planets Mercury, Mars and Venus.

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In early 2015, a group of university scientists announced that the Kepler Space Telescope discovered a new solar system containing three planets described as "Earth-like." These planets exist in a part of that solar system that is believed to be just the right distance (described as the "Goldilocks zone") from the star. This distance fosters ideal temperatures for water and life.


The planets are also very similar in size to Earth. However, the telescope merely gathers rough images, and scientist can't prove with certainty whether these planets are home to oceans and landscapes like those we have here on Earth.


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