Ebola Incubation Period

Ebola has been called Ebola viral disease and/or Ebola hemorrhagic fever. Regardless of the name, Ebola is an extremely rare disease that causes death a large percentage of the time once contracted by an individual. Ebola is a product of one of the different strains of the Ebola. This viral agent is regarded as a prototype pathogen of viral hemorrhagic fever, with high fatality rates in humans and primates. The natural reservoir of Ebola virus remains unknown, although bats seem to be the most likely reservoir. The incubation period seems to be the same in animals as for humans, but scientists are unsure about this because some animals do not show symptoms even when they test positive for the Ebola virus.

How Long Is Ebola Incubation Period?

Ebola virus incubation period

An incubation period is the time between being infected with a virus and the appearance of symptoms caused by that virus or disease. In the case of Ebola, incubation was normally thought to be between five and ten days. During this recent outbreak, however, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that, “Recent studies conducted in West Africa have demonstrated that 95% of confirmed cases have an incubation period in the range of 2 to 21 days.”

Is a person contagious during the incubation period?

A person is not contagious during the incubation time frame. After symptoms start, the patient will remain contagious for more than three weeks.

Symptoms of Ebola

Early symptoms of Ebola

●         Sudden fever

●         Muscle pain

●         Headache

●         Sore throat

Later symptoms include:

●         Intense weakness

●         Vomiting

●         Diarrhea

●         Rash

●         Impaired kidney function

●         Impaired liver function

●         Internal bleeding

●         External bleeding

Important Notes

 Transmission of Ebola is possible via direct contact with the victim's bodily fluid, that's why it's important to take measures to prevent ebola virus.

A man is still infectious for up to 3 months even if he's cured because the Ebola virus can live in his semen. So it is advised to refrain from sex during that time period. 

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