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You might not know it, but foods which you eat daily could slowly corrupt your health and even shorten the span of your life. So how do you really find them out? Toxic foods for many people are hard to find, especially for anyone who has already cleaned up their diets and felt as though they are eating healthy. You might just need to try an elimination diet plan.

What Is an Elimination Diet and Why Should I Do It?

An elimination diet is a special dietary program made to clear your body of chemicals and foods which you could be sensitive or allergic to. It is called such since you take out certain foods and food categories from your diet. In a period of two to three weeks, you’ll eliminate foods from your diet which are the most likely problems of your sensitivity symptoms. If your symptoms improve during this period of time, you will carefully add foods into your diet again, one at a time to find out the exact food which can trigger the symptoms.

The main rationale to this diet is that the modifications will let your body’s detoxification machinery, which could be compromised or overburdened, to regain, starting to function again efficiently. The changes to your diet will help the body clear or eliminate different toxins which could have accumulated because of environmental exposure, beverages, foods, alcohol, drugs, or cigarette smoking. It can also lower inflammation throughout your body.

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