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Hard Anodized Cookware

When pans and pots are coated with an electrochemically-hardened aluminum layer, it is called as hard-anodized cookware. It is available in various brands and styles. Hard-anodized aluminum cookware lasts long because of its properties as compared to non-anodized one.

Hard Anodized Cookware Benefits

Hard anodized cookware has become popular due to its various benefits over traditional cookware. Given below are the different properties which make people choose it over other cookware.


Longer Life Span

Hard anodization of cookware makes it very durable and thus gives it a long life span. The layer also makes it corrosion and abrasion resistant. The layer is so strong that it is used even on satellites to protect it from the harshness encountered in space. The automotive motor parts in race cars are also coated with this to harden and protect them, so the heat and friction does not damage it. This ensures that the surface does not chip or peel off.



When the hard anodization is done, the surface becomes non-toxic, resistant to decomposition and is chemically stable. The surface of hard-anodized cookware is without any harmful chemical coting like PTFE or PFOA. It can withstand very high temperatures and does not get damaged. It is labeled as heat-resistant to temperature of 1221°F, which is the melting point of aluminum.



Hard anodized cookware is regarded better than non-stick cookware. The surface is smooth and nearly non-porous, preventing stains and food flavors from being absorbed into the surface and becoming stick-resistant naturally.


Great Cooking Performance

Hard-anodized cookware works well for various kinds of cooking. It can brown meat well and also works well for acidic foods like tomatoes. The cookware can meet various cooking techniques like sautéing, glazing, searing, steaming, and even simmering.


Easy to Clean

Since hard-anodized cookware is non-stick, it becomes very easy to clean. Using a non-abrasive scrubber along with soapy water should be enough to clean the pots and pans well.

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