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How Should Glasses Sit On Your Face?

Have you been wearing glasses for quite a while now? You may already be familiar with the hassle you have to go through to buy the right pair of glasses. Most people take special care of the glasses they wear because they do not want to go looking for a new pair that does not fit well. Wearing an ill-fitting pair of glasses can make living difficult for you. Not only will it look bad, it may even lead to several other issues, including headaches, etc. You need to know that one-size-fits-all approach does not work when it comes to buying glasses; in fact, you should have complete information about how glasses should sit on your face before you start shopping.

How Should Glasses Sit On Your Face?

Many people ask, "What to consider when making a purchase?" Here are a few important things to bear in mind when looking for a perfect pair of glasses.

You need to find a frame that corresponds well to the width of your face. It is equally important to make a choice keeping the physical size of your eyes in mind. A frame size is the combination of bridge width, lens width, and temple width. You should select a frame with a bridge width that suits the space between your eyes. Similarly, select lens width keeping the size of your eyes in mind. Every person is different, so what suits someone else may not be perfect for you as well. Still, here is what you should bear in mind when selecting total width (lens widthx2 + bridge width):

  • Narrow, small face: 125mm to 129mm

  • Wide face: 140mm to 145mm

  • Large face: 135mm to 139mm

  • Medium face: 130mm to 134mm

Points to Remember for Proper Eyewear Fit

To answer, "How should glasses sit on your face?" it is important to consider the width of the frame and ensure that it complements the width of your face. If the glasses are beyond the width of your face, they are too wide. If you can see the sides of your frame while wearing it, it is too narrow. Here are some other pointers to make a perfect purchase:

  • Select a frame that makes your eyebrows visible; you should be able to see at least half of your eyebrows while wearing the frame.

  • Make sure your eyeball is in the center of the lens. It is equally important to ensure that there is equal distance between the edge of lens and the corner of the eye on both sides.

  • Make sure your eyes are in the horizontal center of the frame and a bit higher than center vertically.

  • Make sure the glasses sit perfectly on your nose and do not slide down. If they do slide, you need to have the temples bent a bit. The glasses should fit snugly but should not be too tight.

  • Wear the glasses and watch in the mirror to ensure that arms of the frames are close against your head.

  • Your frame should be in the middle of your face and help maintain a balance between the top of your face and the bottom of your face.

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