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How to Cut a Pomegranate

Prepared pomegranate seeds are attractive but whole seeds are cheaper. However, you may end up creating a purple mess in your kitchen if you do not know how to cut a pomegranate properly. You will find a compete tutorial on how to chop the delicious fruit the right way in this article. You will need a bowl, cutting board, and a proper knife. Let's get started now!

The Most Used Method of Cutting a Pomegranate


Wear protective clothing like an old t-shirt to avoid staining your clothes with the pomegranate juice. Use a plastic board because the juice will stain a wooden board. Work near the sink and have a large bowl to put the cut fruits.


Slice a quarter inch from the stem of the pomegranate using a sharp knife. Place the cut fruit on the cutting board with the cut side down. Then remove the crown of the pomegranate using a paring knife.


Cut along the gentle ridges on the outer part of the fruit. Cut through from the blossom end to the stem end through the red skin. One useful tip on how to cut a pomegranate is to make at least 6 cuts. If you cannot locate the ridges, make shallow and gentle cuts around the pomegranate. Do not cut the seeds in the fruit.


Pry the pomegranate open through the cuts with your fingers. The pomegranate will open and expose its seeds or arils. Open the sections over a large bowl so that loose seeds will fall into the bowl.


Pry away all the seeds from the membranes and peel into the bowl. You can add some water to the bowl such that the seeds sink to the bottom while the membranes float. Separating the two in water is easier. You can also pry the seeds under running water to avoid staining your counter.


After removing the seeds from the membrane and skin, remove the floating membranes and strain the seeds. Place the seeds in a serving bowl and enjoy. Be careful not to drop any seeds on the floor or light carpet because they will leave stains when squished. Eat the seeds immediately or store them chilled for 3-4 days in an airtight container.

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