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How to Find Out If Someone Died

Practical information concerning an individual’s death is important for various reasons. The date of death is required when processing legal and historical documents, solving insurance issues, and processing benefit claims. The methods of determining a person’s date of death require research and some detective work. However, online resources have simplified the process. This article outlines different ways of how to find out if someone died.

How to Find Out If Someone You Knew Has Died


​Go Through the Search Engine

You can use several resources online to find out if someone died. Searching for the person’s name on a search engine like Google is the most direct method. Include quotes so that the searching engine gives results for the entire name. The search engine will give results of the person’s online presence. You can filter the results further. For instance, you can choose videos, images, or news when using Google.


Search for Obituary

Local newspapers publish obituaries and may keep their online copies updated for several weeks. You can track older and historical obituaries online with some detective work. The obituaries show the date and other important details of notable deaths. The obituaries in local dairies also include those purchased or requested by families. Local newspapers list obituaries immediately after a death.


Use the Specialized Websites

You may not find the information you are looking for on a search engine. But there are some websites that specialize in retrieving people-oriented data. Such websites give the address, telephone numbers, names, and information on recent deaths.


Contact the Cemetery

You can find out more details about a person’s death by contacting the cemetery where the person is buried. You can call or contact the cemetery online and ask for a record that includes the date of death. If the cemetery is near, visit there and check the headstone for date of birth and death.


Contact the Individual's Religious Institution

Another option of how to find out if someone died is to contact the person’s religion institution. You can check his or her synagogues, church or mosque. Such institutions keep records of the members and their clergy could have officiated the person’s funeral.


Check with the Department of Health

Contact the Department of Health in the residence of the deceased via mail, telephone or online request for a death certificate. You can also visit the Department in person. The Department can only issue the certificate to an immediately family member or a person with legal authority. You can get the certificate with a court order, a documented medical need or a legal right or claim.

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