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How to Find Someone's Number

People often need an individual’s personal information for different reasons. Sometimes the information helps them know whom they are working with and find missing connections or old friends. Various tools are available to help find people online or offline. However, the tools should be used for the right goals and not to spy on others. This article shows you how to find someone’s number using info such as name, city, or state.

How to Find Other's Number with Offline Ways


Check the National Cellular Directory

The National Cellular Directory works like a landline telephone company. The Directions keeps a database of people’s cell phone numbers. However, you can only find an individual’s number there if he or she voluntarily registered for the service.


Pay an Online Search Service

Searching for a person’s name, phone number, or address may cost you less than a dollar. You can find someone online free but getting more details about him or her is costly. Be cautious and investigate to ensure that you find a legitimate organization because search organizations do not always give updated information. For instance, they may give you an individual’s cell phone number that has been out of service for several months. Some of the search sites may give wrong locations or ages, while some may provide you with cell phone numbers of deceased individuals.


Use Sneakernet

Sneakernet is an informal word for legwork. Word of mouth is one of the answer to how to find someone’s number offline. You can ask a mutual friend to deliver a message, saying you are interested in making friends and keeping in touch with this particularly person. If the mutual friends cannot help, broaden your search to include family and coworkers. When asking these parties for details, give a genuine reason for trying to contact the person.

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