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How to Make a Wish Come True

Have you ever dreamed of living in a certain way or doing certain things? Or maybe you’ve thought of making a change or doing something new but you don’t know how or where to start. With planning, perseverance and self-belief, you can definitely make your dreams come true, despite the setbacks and obstacles that may arise during the course of things. Think it’s impossible to make a wish come true? Well think again because you definitely can. Here’s how to do it!

11 Deeds to Do on How to Make a Wish Come True


Think of it as a goal

Dreams and wishes can seem unattainable because we often attach those thoughts to clouds and fantasies, so thinking of it as a goal instead will make it seem more realistic for you to achieve. Also, think about all the goals you have achieved so far and it will make it easier to make your wish come true because it will just be another goal on the list that’s easy to smash.


Wish something that hasn’t actually happened yet

You can’t change the past or wish for a different one, but you can certainly wish good things about the future by having a positive outlook on it. Your thoughts are powerful and your present and future is a chance to make your dreams come true.


Be realistic

You always have to remember to be realistic. It’s important to how to make a wish come true. What changes can you make or how can you do things differently to get one step closer to your dream? How achievable is your wish when you think of it as a goal and work on it? These are some things you need to think about. Wishing for something but not making any steps to make it happen leads to you not achieving anything. For example, wanting to lose weight but not eating healthy or working out will not make you slimmer. So in essence you have to be realistic and do what it takes to get what you want.


Believe in yourself

The difference between the most successful and unsuccessful people is their self-belief. As humans, we all experience feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty however we must not let that get the better of us. Have some self-belief and trust that you can overcome all limitations and obstacles and that will make it easier for your dreams to come true.


Set up your network

You could think of your goal or wish as a business plan and use your network to help you achieve it. Networks are important and are essential in making your wish come true.


Make goals your priority

If you really want something, you will do everything within your power to make sure you get it, so direct all your energy and effort into making your wish come true. For example if you wanted to save 5 thousand dollars before within a year and you were on a salary of $20,000; after paying off your monthly bills, you could put away 500 dollars every month for 10 months and you will have accumulated your 5000 dollars in the end.


Develop yourself

Developing yourself will make achieving your goal and wish a whole lot easier. Ways you can develop yourself is by learning new skills and taking the required steps you need to get to where you want to be. For example: if you want to play the violin then attend violin lessons and practice playing it then you will become a skilled violinist.


Don’t limit yourself

As the saying goes: go hard or go home and do not limit yourself. Success doesn’t come overnight and anything that’s worthwhile is always worth the work required for you to put in so never do less than you need to.


Time for fulfilment

As well as working towards making your wish come true, you should understand that nothing happens overnight and that patience is a virtue. So trust and believe that the very thing you think about when you wake u and before you go to bed at night will come true and eventually, it will come into existence.



You might find that with your goal you experience setbacks but do not be discouraged by it. Simply find an alternative route to get what you want or make your wish come true because there are plenty of different ways to do it – it’s just all about perseverance.


Wishes come true all the time, even when you haven’t wished them

You didn’t ask to be well and healthy but you are. You didn’t ask to be able to connect so easily with people across the world but you can and you enjoy doing so. Sometimes, we fail to see how fortunate we are to have certain things. People in less fortunate positions wish for what we have every day but don’t have it. If you didn’t have these little ‘luxuries’, you’d most likely wish for them.

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