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How to Make Lavender Oil: 4 Easy Steps to Give You Best Homemade Lavender Oil

Derived from the lovely purple flower, lavender oil is adored for its pleasant fragrance that could easily brighten up your day. Just a handful of the dried petals of the flower emits a beautiful scent that can erase any unpleasant smell, like in the bathroom. You can make them fresh if you have lavender around. Lightly crushing them between your fingers release its oil that us simply intoxicating.

There are a variety of uses for lavender oil, be it potpourri, aromatherapy or even used for its antiviral and antibacterial properties (Which is why lavender can often be found in cleaning products such as detergents and soaps). Moreover, they are excellent for healthy skin and relieve you stress away with just a few sniff. How to make lavender oil? It’s fairly easy to do, with little ingredients, but you will need some patience. Learn how to make lavender oil and how to use them now.

How to Make Lavender Oil: 4 Easy Steps to Give You Best Homemade Lavender Oil

What You Need

The most important ingredient will, of course, be the lavender flowers itself. Fresh ones are the best since they produce a more pronounced and, well, fresh scent. Other than the petals, you can use the trimmings of the plants as well (leaves, stems that isn’t overly woody or barky). Get around two to four cups of the ingredients. Scissors will be all you need to cut the plants trimming into tiny manageable pieces, we will need them to fit inside a jar. They should be one to two inch long, smaller if possible.

Other items needed:

  • Glass container for brewing your oil. Make sure it has a tight fit lid such as a canning jar.

  • Carrier oil for infusing the lavender with. Use one that has a mild scent and pale colour so as to not overpower the lavender, such as vegetable oil. How much you need depends on the size of the container, make sure it’s enough to fill to the top, leaving about half an inch of space and enough to cover every plant material you are going to add.

  • Cheesecloth or fine mesh strainer. You will need it to strain out the plant pieces.

  • Dark colored glass bottle with an air tight lid is recommended for storage.


  1. Place all the lavender pieces into the glass container and fill it to half an inch from the brim with the oil of your choice. Seal the lid tight and leave the container in a warm area for the ingredients to brew. Shake them from time to time so they mix properly. Let it sit for around two days, more if you are willing to wait. The lavender will infuse with the carrier oil through the process and your lavender oil should be of lightly scented by then.

  2. If you can’t find a warm area for your container, then fill a bucket or sink with hot water and set the container in it. Refresh the water as you need and you will still need to shake to mix the ingredients together. Then leave it to set overnight.

  3. Grab your fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth. Strain the oil out, removing any of the plant parts. Squeeze out as much oil as you can. You will then need to place in more of the plant ingredients. Repeat the process for a couple more times until you reach the desired fragrance.

  4. Once you are happy with the scent, transfer the infused oil in the dark colored glass bottle. Store in a cool dark place for preservation. If properly sore, it could last a year or so.

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