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How to Make Liquid Soap

Ever wonder how to make liquid soap? It is a fairly easy process which you can do from the comfort of your own home. All you are really going to need is a bar soap of your choice, some sort of container and water! You can make it more difficult for yourself by making your own bar soap, but that will be another topic altogether. Let’s learn how to make liquid soap from a soap bar.

However, if you do have a passion for chemistry magic, you can give making the liquid soap with basic materials you can usually from the pharmacist such as potassium hydroxide. Go to Part 2 to learn how to do it this way!

Part 1: How to Make Liquid Soap with a Bar Soap


  • Distilled water

  • A container (e.g. bowl)

  • A bar soap

  • Cheese grater

  • Blender

Optional ingredients

  • Essential oils

  • Natural food coloring

  • Honey


  1. Find a bar soap you are going to use, any kind of bar soap. Be it half used or leftovers, all can be turned into liquid soap for your personal use. Consider the function of the final product too. If the base soap you are using is meant for a facial wash, then the liquid soap made from it should only continue to be used for the face. If you want to have your own customized scented or colored liquid soap, then use an unscented bar soap or one with a relatively plain color, e.g. white.

  2. Grate the bar soap into the container. A fine cheese grater is recommended for this step. Make sure to grate all the bar soap you are using. The finer the grate is, the better the soap will melt and the faster it will be done. Chop the bar in chunks for easier grating. Aim for one cup or so of the soap flakes, or about one average soap bar.

  3. Boil the distilled water and pour the water into the soap flakes. Make sure the water to soap ratio is one to one, i.e. one cup of water to one cup of soap. Pour the mixture in a blender and whip it to a pasty consistency.

  4. Alternatively, you can use a microwave instead. Boil a cup of water in a microwave (use a microwave safe dish), then add the soap flakes. Let the mixture melt for two minutes or more. Then place the mixture in the microwave. Heat the mixture up for thirty seconds at a time, and continue to do so until it reaches the consistency of paste.

  5. Customize the liquid soap! Get creative with your liquid soap. If you did start with plain colored and unscented soap bar, this step will be what gives life to your liquid soap. Consider the following ingredients to enhance your very own liquid soap!

  • Essential oil of your choice (lavender, tea tree, etc.) for scent. A few drops are enough.

  • Food coloring for color. Try 1 drop of green and 2 of blue for a cool aqua.

  • Honey for additional moisturizing effect.

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