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How to Store Cilantro

Many people wonder if there is a surefire way to keep fresh herbs fresh for long. It is quite annoying to see parsley, cilantro, and other herbs go limp or become dry in a few days’ time. Luckily, you can learn how to store cilantro to keep it fresh longer. Keep reading to learn more about it.

Storing with Paper Towels

It is easy to learn the ways to store cilantro using dry paper towels. Just keep the following things in mind and it will become simple.


Cut the Ends

Always start by cutting off the ends of the cilantro in your bunch. Also, get rid of any damaged or old leaves. You may even consider cutting off the tough stems to make things easier, especially when you would want to fit the cilantro into a container.


Dry Them Completely

Use clean paper towels to dry the cilantro if you notice any moisture whatsoever. It is useless to go any further and learn how to store cilantro if you fail to dry those leaves completely. You may consider using a salad spinner to get rid of any moisture left on the leaves.


Put Them Between Dry Paper Towel

Place the cilantro in a dry paper towel in an airtight plastic container. You should also arrange a single layer of cilantro on it and place another paper towel over the layer. Work with the same pattern and keep placing paper towels in between the layers of cilantro. Avoid crowding the container with too much of the herb, and always ensure that there is a paper towel at the bottom of the container and at the top as well.


Store into Refrigerator

Place the container into the refrigerator. The cilantro will stay fresh this way up to three weeks. Just be sure to check it periodically to ensure it is in perfect condition.

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