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How to Toast Sesame Seeds

Like the term "Open Sesame" in Arabian Nights, the sesame seed pod also bursts open when it becomes mature. Sesame seeds have been in use as oil seeds for over 3000 years. It was once a major summer crop in the Middle East region, and then produced sesame oil by the invention of various ancient presses. Sesame seeds impart a nutty taste and a delicate crunch to recipes. It is the core ingredient in dishes like tahini, a kind of sesame seed paste, and a dessert called halvah which is made in Middle East. If you like the taste of it, now follow us to learn how to toast sesame seeds quickly.

How to Toast Sesame Seed

Given below are instructions using only 1 cup raw sesame seeds. The technique of toasting sesame seeds is important, even though the steps are simple to follow.


Soak the sesame seeds in a bowl filled with cold water and stir. Brownish debris will float on the top, which should be removed.


Strain and add water to the bowl. Rub the sesame seeds with hand, so they become clean. The water might turn brownish, which should be discarded.


Wash under running water till water is clear. Squeeze out excess water.


Heat a skillet or pan to medium heat and transfer the sesame seeds to it. Stir using a wooden spoon till they are dry.


Seeds will start popping, then lower the heat and keep roasting for further 7-8 minutes. The seeds will turn golden, crisp and pop.


Taste a few seeds, they should be crispy and nutty. If so, remove from pan and cool them.


It can be stored in airtight container for a month or up to 3 months when stored in a freezer.


Toasted sesame seeds can be used in various dishes like breads, salads and rice.



Here is a video you can watch to learn the procedure.

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