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How Will Water Affect Brain Function?

Many people have the misconception that being dehydrated may just affect you physically, resulting in you feeling more fatigued and sluggish. The physical effects of dehydration aren't the only problems that you may suffer from. Unable to focus or concentrate, difficulty remembering things and feeling foggy are also common symptoms that can occur from dehydration. To learn more facts about their relation, keep reading on.

What's the Relation Between Water and Brain Function?

The brain has a number of functions in the body and keeps you feeling energized is just one of them. Since the brain is composed of nearly 85 percent of water, it is vital that the brain is provided with the adequate amount of water on a regular basis. The water is responsible for providing the brain with the energy it depends on to perform all of its functions, such as those involved in memory and focus.

The cells of the brain require twice the amount of energy than any other cells found in the body. The brain obtains this energy most effectively from water. When the brain is provided with the adequate amount of water, you will notice that you are more focused, able to think faster, and have more clarity throughout your day.

Aside from providing enough energy to the brain cells, water is necessary for the production of neurotransmitters and hormones. Nearly half the brain's energy is used through nerve transmission which means you need to consume plenty of water to keep the function at your fullest potential.

Properly hydrating yourself on a daily basis will help you not only think better but will also prevent certain disorders, such as attention deficit disorder in both children and adults. Since the brain is unable to access water on its own, you need to consume enough water throughout the day to supply the brain with the water it needs.

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