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Important Things About Crash Diets

If you are hoping to lose weight fast – for that upcoming wedding, that reunion where you will see the ex, or even a weekend at the beach – you might be tempted to jump into a crash diet. Crash diets are usually used to help you drop weight very quickly, so you can fit into that perfect dress or bikini. Though there are some best crash diets out there, it is always good to remember that crash diets can lead to serious health problems if you handle them inappropriately. Here’s what you need to know to use crash diets safely and effectively, without too many expectations for the long term.

What Is a Crash Diet?

Crash diets require you to eat much less than you normally would for a period of at least a few days. This can be a very uncomfortable experience, but it can also have the benefit of allowing you to drop between five and twenty pounds very quickly. In many cases, crash diets allow for only about 700 calories each day, require copious amounts of water, and might also include rigorous exercise to burn even more calories.

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