Madrid to Barcelona

For a tourist visiting Spain, Madrid and Barcelona lie very high up on his list of destinations to visit. Each day a number of tourists take the trip to these fabulous cities mostly by airplane and train. The Spanish travel industry has been boosted by the introduction of AVE train which has made it possible for visitors to travel from Madrid to Barcelona within a day. The aviation industry also has come up with a way to counter the rising popularity of the AVE trains which has resulted in the availability of a number of travel options for people commuting between Barcelona and Madrid.

Madrid to Barcelona by Train


Average Price: 

The average price for traveling from Madrid to Barcelona by the AVE train is £28.50. However, to get this rate, you will have to book well in advance as this route is a very popular one. You might have to end up paying more if you haven’t booked your seat on the train earlier. On the other hand, you can also get a good deal if you plan your visit in the early morning, mid-afternoon or late evening.

Train Route:

AVE high-speed train: approx. 2hr 45min

Regional train: 8hr 50min

The AVE train started transporting people from Madrid to Barcelona in 2008 and has since then become the easiest mode of travel in between the two cities. Not only do the AVE trains provide tourists a fast mode of travel, they do so for a bargain price too. This is the reason why most people prefer taking the AVE train to go to Barcelona from the Spanish capital – Madrid instead of the airplane.

The journey takes about 3 hours’ time with the fastest train transporting its passengers to the Sans Station in Barcelona from Madrid Atocha in about 2 hours and 30 minutes. On weekends, the tourists can choose from 16 AVE trains to travel in between Madrid and Barcelona, while on weekdays the number of trains available comes down to 12. There is a regional train also available for the tourists which runs once in a day and takes about 9 hours to deliver the passengers to Barcelona from Madrid. This Regional Express does not run on Saturdays and stops at about 36 stations during the 9 hour journey.

The night train that runs between Madrid and Barcelona can transport passengers from one city to the other in about 9 hours and can cost up to 60 Euros. The night trains usually leaves at around 10 at night and reaches its destination by 7 in the morning.

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