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Names Beginning With M

Baby names beginning with m come from many different backgrounds and cultures. They can be timeless names that will fit your little one just right. Whether you honor a beloved family member or give your baby his or her very own name, this list of m baby names will help you get started!

Baby Girl Names Beginning With M

Here is a list of m baby names for girls. These are some of the most unique, yet special names that may be the perfect fit. Some girl names beginning with m are:


Mabella (Latin)

This name means, “Lovable, beautiful, and loving.” This was a very popular name in the middle ages and was changed to “Mabel” in the 19th century. Bringing back the old form of this name makes it unique and different. Girls with this name are very deeply analytical and strive to understand the deeper meaning of life.


Macey (French)

This is a medieval form of the boy’s name, Matthew. Girls that have this name love stability and strive for appreciation for all they do. They love their community, and are very adaptable to any situation. They tend to be shy, but can be trusted. At times they can be insecure, but are great in partnerships.


Mattie (French/German)

This name means “lady.” It can also stand for, “strength in wartimes.” It is the shortened version of “Matilda.” Girls with this name are very adaptable to change in their lives, love their community, and are visionary people. They tend to be optimistic, friendly, and diplomatic.


Mia (Israeli/Latin/Scandinavian)

This unique baby name starting with M means, “wished for child.” It is the Latin form of Michal. It can also be used as a short-form of “Maria.” Girls with this name are born leaders and very independent in nature. They use their freedom constructively and are very good with change.


Myra (Greek)

This name means “sweet-smelling oil.” These people love to exert their independence and lead others for a higher good. Girls with this name love self-expression, and like to be the center of attention. They love spotlight type careers, and become very involved in many different activities in life.


List of other names beginning with M for girls:

  • Maddie

  • Maggie

  • Murphy

  • Moselle

  • Morna

  • Molly

  • Millie

  • Miranda

  • Mika

  • Miah

  • Meryl

  • Max

  • Mae

  • Madalyn

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