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Names Beginning With R

Baby names beginning with R can actually be pretty common. If you are looking for unique r names, they do exist. As a matter of fact, the list of names that start with r is almost endless. So you don’t get overwhelmed in your search, this list has been compiled with names and their meanings to help get you started.

Girl Baby Names Beginning With R


Here’s a list of popular names beginning with R for girls, and if you can’t find one that you like, here are a few unique names for you to choose from as explained following the list:

  • Riley

  • Ruby

  • Rosie

  • Rebecca

  • Ruth

  • Rachel

  • Robin

  • Renee

  • Rosalie

  • Royce


Rai (Japanese)

This name means “Thunder and lightning.” It can also mean, “Trust.” People with this name take on leadership roles, love to delegate tasks to others, and are very independent. They take on large issues and tackle them with ease.


Rain (Teutonic/French)

This is a shortened version of the name “Raine.” It means “strong” or “queen.” Girls with this name are imaginative and creative in all things. They enjoy stability on the home front. They also love to meditate on life’s deep meaning and rise to high spiritual levels. They need to be encouraged or may resort to daydreaming.


Reagan (Celtic/American)

This name means “Regal.” Girls with this name are very quiet and analytical. Even though they are quiet, they have strong personalities and tend to be leaders in the crowd. They can put their ideas into action easily, and are very determined when it comes to success.


Rory (Teutonic/Irish/Gaelic)

This name means many things including “Red” or “Ruler.” The name also appears in and Irish poem written back in the sixteenth century. People with this name like to build solid foundations before venturing on in their lives. They love stability and appreciated, but can be quick tempered at times. They are very practical and good money savers.


Rowan (Gaelic/Irish)

This name means “Rowan Tree” a type of Ash tree. It can also mean “Red haired one.” These are very understanding and deep people that have the ability to connect to others and their universe. They are quiet at times, but very focused on life matters. They tend to be very practical people and have the ability to build up wealth and material goods.


Rylan (English/Irish)

This name means “Island Meadow.” These are very analytical people and problem solvers. They are born leaders and delegate tasks to others. They lean towards philosophy and scholarly things in life. They are introverted and thoughtful about the larger issues in life.

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