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Names Beginning With S

If you are searching through the alphabet looking for that perfect baby name, you may have stopped on the letter “S” to see what you can find. There are many unique baby names beginning with s that can really fit for your new little one. This article contains both boy and girl names beginning with s, their origins, and what they mean. Read further for some interesting names for babies.

Baby Boy Names Beginning With S

These baby boy names beginning with s are some of the more unique and different names that will set your little guy apart from the rest. Some are very rich in history and meaning. Here are just a few boy s names:


Salvatore (Latin)

Means, “Savior.” Another version of this name is “Salvador” and one famous artist had this name, Salvador Dali. People who have the name “Salvatore” need order in their lives, but are very creative. They love adventure, excitement, and are very optimistic.


Samson (Hebrew, Swedish)

This name means “his sun” or “sun child.” The story of Samson in the Old Testament was very powerful because he had long hair. Samson was seduced by Delilah and cut off his hair taking his power away. People who are named Samson are quiet and love deep, inner reflection. They are very intuitive and passionate.


Seamus (Gaelic, Irish)

Pronounced “Shay-mus,” this name means, “to replace.” These people desire to serve their community and share their possessions with others. It is the Irish form of “James.”


Sebastian (Greek)

Means “revered.” This name is also very Shakespearean and was the brother to Alonso in “The Twelfth Night.” These people have a very analytical nature and always looking for life’s deepest truths. They are romantic and affectionate.


Sterling (German)

Means, “of high quality” and “pure.” These people are free-spirited and love to dictate their own lives. They love freedom and adventure. They are very friendly and optimistic.


More Names

Other baby boy names beginning with S include Samuel, Sean, Steven, Seth, Simon, Scott, Skyler, Spencer, Stanley, Stewart, Silas, etc.

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