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Sabudana Benefits

Sabudana (tapioca) is a starch extract from the cassava plant that is common within the Indian community particularly during fasting and other religious events such as Navratri. It has also been observed to be popular in South America and Brazil essentially due to its vast health benefits. Below are some sabudana benefits and how to reap the best from it.

5 Essential Sabudana Benefits


Muscle and bone health

This is one of the most important sabudana benefits. Sabudana is a source of proteins, vitamin K and metallic nutrients like calcium and iron. The former plays a vital role in the growth, nourishment and healing of muscles whereas the rest are responsible for maintaining the bone’s health and flexibility.


Blood pressure maintenance

Sabudana benefits extend to the blood network whereby it improves blood circulation, which successively elevates any strain on the cardiovascular system by providing potassium.


Source of energy and healthy weight gain

Given its rich carbohydrate content, sabudana is useful in rejuvenating one’s energy levels consequently combating fatigue. Similarly, the carbohydrates assist in the fast yet healthy gain of weight, thus sabudana can be used to treat individuals with eating disorders.


Prevention of birth deformities

The folic acid and vitamin B-6 contained in tapioca have been found to aid the formation of a foetus in addition to preventing birth defects such as neural tube defect.


Digestion facilitator

One of the best sabudana benefits is its ability to cure general digestive ailments including constipation, indigestion, bloating and flatulence.

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