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Snapdragon Flower

The Snapdragon or Antirrhinum exists in a multitude of varieties. Their name comes from the fact that when you squeeze the delicate sides of the flowers you see a shape like a dragons jaws. In bloom, they provide vibrant and gorgeous colors. They have all types of flowering stems from small, medium to tall ones. They will give a range of options in terms of colors in your garden. Snapdragon flowers are available in almost all the desired colors except blue. The maximum height of some snapdragons could reach 6 feet, though generally they are 3-4 feet. Snapdragons in your flowerbed provide cool color and balance other mid-sized and small plants.

Basics of Snapdragon Flower

  • The leaves are arranged in a spiral manner around the stem.

  • Snapdragons are poisonous if ingested so even though the vibrant colors of the flowers are enticing handle them with caution.

  • The common names for Antirrhinum are snapdragons, Lions and toads mouth.

  • Snapdragons are mostly grown as annuals but they do not bloom as robustly the following year, leading some people to think of them as biennials.

  • They are best grown in cool weather. They bloom best in spring and winter. The milder climates are best suited to snapdragons.

  • New varieties of snapdragons are coming about these days. We see a lot of multicolored snapdragons but individual colors can also be found. Some of the popular new series of snapdragons are the Arrow Formula (2 feet tall with strong colors), Rocket Mix (Multi colored series growing to heights of 3 feet) and La bella Mix (offers a nice blend of colors and grows to more than 2 feet).

  • Germination takes eight days at a temperature of 70 Fahrenheit. 

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