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Spirit GuidesCommon Types oof Spirit Guides and How to Connect Them

The Western tradition of Spiritualist Churches use the term "spirit guide" to refer to a disincarnated spirit that act as a protector or guide to an incarnated human being. In old times, the spiritualist churches stereotyped spirit guides with Chinese, Native Americans, or Egyptians for their ancient wisdom. Other enlightened individuals and saints were also considered popular types of guides, but the term can also refer to angels, totems, nature spirits, or guardian angels.

Part 1: 4 Common Types of Spirit Guides

As mentioned, the experts divide spirit guides into different categories. Here’s a bit more about different categories of guides.


Ascended Masters

These are guides found usually by people involved in Reiki or other type of energy work. An ascended master is basically a spirit guide who has lived once but has now moved on to a different spiritual level – the examples include Krishna, Buddha, and even Jesus. They work with collective groups of souls – it means an ascended master usually helps a group of people at a time because their focus is to help the entire human race.


Ancestral Guides

This type of a guide can claim some sort of kinship with you, such as your mom or dear aunt who died when you were very young. Some schools of thought take these entities as reincarnated guides because the spirits may have in contact with us in the world but have now died and moved to another world. Many people also call these guides "guardian angels".


Common Spirit Guide

Also called a teacher guide, it is archetypical representative of something else, like a storyteller, a warrior, or even a wise woman. They usually appear to help you find a better path and achieve a specific purpose. They may even help you befriend with other archetypes and help resolve issues in your life. They help you by coming in your dreams and move on when you no longer needs them.


Animal Guides

Some people believe animals can also be spirit guides, but these entities are usually companions, not a spirit guide. A deceased pet usually cannot linger around, but in some traditions, such as shamanic paths and Native Americans, you may have an animal totem, which will offer some protection and guidance.

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