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Spring is colorful headbands

Cute and playful floral dresses, pink handbags, and goose-yellow baseball caps are just what everyone loves.

Over there, Lisa also went out to look for the shadow of spring. She put on a straw hat and embroidered floral dress and had a spring picnic with her friends.

In this spring when everything grows, female stars all use cute items to adorn the beauty of spring. Today COCO has prepared a brand new spring planting list, come and see which must-have item is missing in your wardrobe?

Lively girls are always in love with colorful outfits, and their wardrobes are naturally the ever-changing rainbow colors, which makes people feel good. This spring, the playful ice cream color is light and pleasant, making the whole look instantly attractive and not to be missed.

Like denim, blue is a versatile color. Especially the refreshing and clean feeling when paired with white is a beautiful spring.

No girl can resist the temptation of pink. Pink bags are more like Cupid’s arrows, always targeting soft girls. It’s better to be playful this spring!

Green gives people the vitality of spring and adds a bit of personality. In addition to avocado green, cricket green and apple green are also the first choice for publicity girls.

▌Bottega Veneta







Compared with the popular fisherman hats in the previous two years, baseball caps are making a strong comeback this season, and the high street tomboy style is also popular on the street.

This season’s popular baseball caps are softer, lighter, and more retro. The alphabet style is full of Korean style, the earth color can wear the handsomeness of the American street, and the solid color can make the French girl casual. Really, have to love it!

Buying a baseball cap is really addictive. First, the unit price is relatively low, and second, the addition of a baseball cap can increase the layering of the clothing, which is a single product with increasing favorability.

Here, give a little trick to choose a baseball cap:

1. The outermost brim of the hat must be wider than the width of the face, so as to create a small face effect.

2. Girls who buy soft-top baseball caps will look more harmonious than hard-top hats.

3. The depth of the side of the hat, the deeper the design, the smaller the head.







When it comes to accessories for spring, scarves must have a name.

Many people think that silk scarves are tasteless, but one of the favorite accessories of fashionistas in spring is silk scarves. Wearing a shirt can make a bow tie, wearing a bottoming shirt can make decoration, wearing a coat can create layers. Silk scarves are actually fashion codes. The best way to add the finishing touch to a silk scarf is to collide with the colors on the body, such as the echo of small areas of bright colors, or the matching of large areas of basic colors.


A more advanced usage is to use silk scarves as hair accessories, the first fairy braid in spring, you are worth joining!

▌Lauren Ralph Lauren






The colorful beaded jewelry that was popular last year is returning for a limited time this spring.

This kind of play accessories that return to childhood are actually popular in recent years, including Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta, which have similar new styles on the shelves. Patient friends can directly use a beading tool to make a “personal order” for themselves. Bracelets and necklaces are stacked together, and you will have a refreshing spring feeling in an instant!

If you want to save trouble can also follow to see designer brands.

A Korean girl group has one OH! COOKIEEE! The overall style is to take a relaxed and lovely way of recalling childhood. The combination of colorful beads and flower elements is the finishing touch for your spring outing.

Emily Levine’s family is most famous for the flower beaded necklace, which is also a style that belongs to the fashionable elite.

The presence of colored rings is also very high. The harmonious stacking of colors seems to be wearing a 3D color map. Of course, the dazzling splendor is especially dazzling, giving your look a fresh vitality. It is enough for the playful and fashionable atmosphere of spring and summer!

▌Forte Forte




The colorful headband instantly “adds” the sweet flavor of spring, and the color and simple style headband is the most error-prone choice.

Want a more elegant match for everyday? Ordinary wide hairbands are enough! There is no need to tangle in color selection. It is usually not wrong to follow the principle of matching colors with clothing. Quietly said that when a certain treasure buys a lot of money, I don’t worry about not having enough money…

Headbands are super friendly to baby faces! Because she can have the effect of raising her forehead, she is like a beauty artifact.

▌Jennifer Behr




▌Jennifer Behr


Tidy up the wardrobe, it’s time to restock!

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