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Sweet Dreams Meaning

The traditional idea of dating was a series of physical meetings to enjoy each other's company. Couples had a chance to know each other's family and friends. Spending time together enabled them to evaluate their compatibility and connection. Couples talked on the phone and exchanged letters occasionally. However dating relationships have changed since mobile phones are introduced. Now dating couples rely on text messages to communicate. One of the interesting discussions about modern dating is what those messages you get really say, like the text "sweet dreams" meaning. Read on and discover what the text means exactly.

What Does “Sweet Dreams” Mean in That Text You Received

Generally speaking, most people send "sweet dreams" to express their desire for intimacy, especially when they send it to someone they do not know well. But the meaning and interpretation vary from person to person.  Here are some interpretations of the meaning of a "sweet dreams" text:

  • "When I send the text 'sweet dreams', I hope that you will see me in your dreams and wake up wishing that I were your girlfriend." — Jennifer, 18

  • "If we are just friends, I will text a girl 'sleep well' or 'good night.' However, I will text 'sweet dreams' if I like her." — Sam 23

  • "'Sweet dreams' means nothing more than good night. Any guy who uses it to win a girl is not doing it right. Just find a better way." — Laura, 19

  • "'Sweet dreams' is personal but platonic too. You say goodbye or good night but not sweet dreams to someone you don't know well." — Dean, 24

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