That Leather Blazer You’re Eyeing? I’ve Found 9 Excellent Ways to Style It

How to style a leather blazer: @camillecharriere



No word of a lie; I’ve spent the last two years contemplating the purchase of a leather blazer. I’m not one to part with cash flippantly, so an item with this sort of cost attached to it always requires a lot of consideration. I was so close to taking the shopping leap last autumn, but given the fact restrictions were still very much in place at the time, I decided against it. After all, if I were to buy a leather blazer, I’d want people to see me wearing my leather blazer. 

Although not even a crystal ball can tell us what the future holds, this autumn already looks to be more hopeful and, for the lack of a better word, normal. So I’ve started to think about making that all-important leather-blazer purchase once more. Wanting to ensure I’ll get adequate wear of it, I decided to look to some influencers to see how to style a leather blazer as they do. I was so impressed with the ‘fits I found that I decided to share them with you in case you too are humming and hawing over investing in a leather blazer. 

Scroll on to see nine excellent examples of how to style a leather blazer (be it real or faux), and soon, I think we’ll all wonder how we went so long without one. 




Style Notes: Pay homage to the leather blazer’s ’90s roots by styling it with a pair of light-wash jeans and flat black boots. 

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