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U Beauty’s Super Hydrator Is the Moisturizer of the Future

U Beauty Super Hydrator

We put the U Beauty Super Hydrator to the test after receiving a complimentary sample from the brand. Keep reading for our full product review.

I’ve always been a little indifferent when it comes to luxury moisturizers. I have my favorites, but I’ve always preferred to invest time and research into serums—they do the majority of the heavy lifting, after all. But then came U Beauty. My first introduction was through my esthetician Melanie Grant, who suggested I use the brand’s Resurfacing Compound to even out my skin tone and reduce breakouts. When an expert like Grant speaks, you listen, so I obtained a bottle and got to work.

Fast-forward a month, and I was infatuated. Not only was my face clear and bright, but the U Beauty product had replaced quite literally all my active treatment ones. The natural thing to do then was reach for the brand’s second (and only other) skincare product, the U Beauty Super Hydrator. Categorically it’s a moisturizer, but the tech involved makes it so much more. Truth be told, it’s one of the best moisturizers I’ve tried in recent years, and that’s not a statement I make lightly.

If you’re looking for a really beautiful moisturizer that will do its job and do it well, this one comes recommended by me. Keep reading for my detailed thoughts.


BEST FOR: All skin types, but especially dry and dehydrated skin.

USES: As a daily and nightly moisturizer for the face and neck.

HERO INGREDIENTS: Five unique kinds of hyaluronic acid, including the Hydra-Siren capsule, which includes technology that neutralizes free radicals.

BYRDIE CLEAN? No; contains PEG-10.

PRICE: $168

ABOUT THE BRAND: U Beauty is a skincare brand founder by blogger and skin expert Tina Craig. The brand currently has only three products, and aims to streamline skincare and reduce excessive, multistep routines.

About My Skin: Congested and dehydrated

I don’t like complaining or picking apart my skin because it’s generally pretty healthy, but this is the product of a finely tuned routine and balanced lifestyle. When I’m off though, my skin is dehydrated, congested, and prone to pigmentation. It’s not overly dry or greasy, but I do like my skincare products to have a nice dewy finish, too.

The Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid (and lots of it)

U Beauty Super Hydrator Texture

The star of the U Beauty Super Hydrator show is a complex of five different kinds of hyaluronic acid to increase the skin’s moisture levels.1 Each one is different in size and composition, which the brand claims make the formula able to hydrate both the superficial and deeper layers of the skin. One of the five is also called the Hydra Siren Capsule, and this long-chain molecule is actually dehydrated and put into the brand’s soon-to-be-patented Siren capsule technology, enabling it to travel much deeper into the skin than it could in its natural state. This Siren is also activated by free radicals, meaning the Super Smart Hydrator almost kicks into gear right when your face needs it.

It sounds high-tech (and it is), but I like to think of it as a delivery system that ensures your skin can actually use what you’re applying topically. Because, otherwise, what’s the point?

Beyond the hyaluronic magic, there’s also shea butter, peptides, oat extract, avocado oil, and argan oil to really nourish the skin and help reinforce barrier integrity. Basically, all of the good stuff.

The Results: Soft, properly hydrated skin

U Beauty Super Hydrator Results on Emily Algar

U Beauty’s Super Hydrator is like newborn skin, bottled. The texture is light but creamy, so it really melts on application without any residue. My favorite part though is how hydrated my skin feels all day—there’s no dehydration lines ruining makeup or flaking around my nose in the afternoon. Just smooth, soft, bouncy skin. Its effects are definitely immediate, but I noticed improvements in moisture levels long-term, too.

What’s really impressive about this product is that it works to moisturize almost any skin type. It also simultaneously treats dehydration and dryness, thanks to a formulation that amps up water levels and replenishes lost lipids (plus, creates a strong barrier to keep everything locked inside).

If you have severe acne or extreme sensitivity, I would suggest steering clear of this product. Otherwise, it’s a fantastic option for both day and night, as well as under makeup.

The Value: Expensive, but the quality may justify the price

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve long been skeptical of moisturizers that cost more than my phone bill, but this is one product where I’d probably make an exception. According to the brand info, clinical trials back up the claims, and my personal experience has been nothing short of amazing. You could absolutely still receive ample hydration from a drugstore product, but if you’re into luxury skincare or not satisfied with what’s out there, the Super Smart Hydrator really stands out in comparison with its luxury counterparts.

And if you follow the U Beauty ethos, you’ll have a streamlined routine with less products, making things more cost-effective (and sustainable) in the long run.

Similar Products: You’ve got options

Augustinus Bader The Cream: This moisturizer from Augustinus Bader ($265) is another special product I’d happily throw down serious cash for. It contains Bader’s patented Trigger Factor Complex, as well as vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids and leaves the skin clear, glowing, and radiant.

Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Face Cream: While not quite the same, this drugstore buy from Olay ($20) still promises ample hydration with the added bonus of a really luxurious texture. It’s also fragrance-free and sits beautifully under makeup.

Dermalogica Active Moist: This classic ($42) doesn’t get enough love. It’s super nourishing and contains a bunch of fermented ingredients to care for the microbiome. It has a super-fresh, lightweight texture too, making it ideal for those who don’t like the feel of product on their face.

Final Verdict

U Beauty is one of the greatest brands to launch in the past year, and the Super Hydrator lives up to the hype. I love that it’s innovative and effective but still has that luxurious beauty feel to it. It’s definitely more than just a superficial hydrator, and it’s a product I would absolutely repurchase.

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