What Does Acid Feel Like?

ACID, or simply LSD, is a potent hallucinogenic drug. Getting high on the drug is popularly known as taking an acid trip. The technical term for this is LSD intoxication. A typical acid trip takes anywhere between 8 to 12 hours. The user usually experiences distortions in time perception, making the experience seem much longer. The acid trip can make the universe seem wibbly with intense colors and objects take on new and sometimes bizarre forms. All senses can become distorted and confused with some users becoming paranoid and panicky. 

What Does Acid Feel Like?


Physical Changes

Twenty minutes into the acid trip, you will start getting a sense of euphoria and experience a tingling feeling in your body. The effects take anywhere between 30 to 40 minutes to come to a head. You might also experience nausea. Your pupils will dilate and your body will experience increased temperatures. This will be accompanied by an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. You may also start sweating and your mouth will feel dry. Tremors are also part of the acid trip experience.


Visual Distortions and Hallucinations

The hallmark of the LSD experience is
distortions to the way you see things. These distortions can take a
variety of forms. Some people might see an outline or overlay of
swirling or geometric patterns while others experience a perceived
change in the shape and size of objects. So, what does acid feel like?
Some people also get
synesthesia which is a mixture of sensory perceptions where stimuli
perceived through one sense is perceived through another. Visual
hallucinations are by far the most common during an acid trip.
Sometimes, LSD users can experience multiple hallucinations at the same
time, making it difficult to tell between what is real and what is not.
The visual distortions generally get more intense in the first couple of
hours of the acid trip. They get less intense in the last six hours. 


Changes in Thought Processes

It also changes the way you feel about the world,
other people and yourself. This is not necessarily in a positive way–it can also have a negative effect. The effect is not predictable and
could swing either way. One way an acid trip can affect your
thought process is by breaking down your sense of self or ego. Your
belief about yourself and your abilities can change. Some of the positive effects include making you more
empathetic and spiritually connected. On the flip side, you might feel
that life is meaningless and people are cruel. This can bring about
feelings of depression and alienation. These feelings can come with
thoughts of suicide and destructive impulses.



What does acid feel like? It's common for LSD users to re-live their acid trip experience hours after
the effects of the drug have subsided. While these flashbacks are common
among regular LSD users, they can also occur in people who have only
used the drug occasionally. While the images you see during an acid trip
can be pleasant, you can experience a bad trip again even after the initial
adventure has finished. Due to the spontaneity of the flashbacks, it is
impossible to tell if and when an episode will occur. During a
flashback, some people can experience a full-fledged hallucination.
Others go through more subtle flashbacks that feature halos or flashes
of color that appear whenever they look at a moving object.

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