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What Happens to Your Body When You Die?

Ever wondered what happens to your body when you die? You’re in good company. Many people have thought about this controversial topic at some point in their life. What happens after you die is a fascinating, yet frightening, natural process. The moment your heart stops beating, your body starts to decay. The only way to stop the decaying process is to mummify or embalm the body. The process of decay starts at the cellular level. Your body then starts to digest your tissues and organs with the help of bacteria and other animals. Below is an overview of what exactly happens to your body after you die.

Things Happens to Your Body Hours After Death


Some Organs Keep Living

your heart has stopped beating and you’re no longer breathing, the body
organs start to die gradually. Since all cells do not die at the same
time, it gives a window of opportunity for you to be resuscitated and an
even larger window for organ and tissue transplantation. You can
actually donate tissues such as the cornea, skin, heart valves and
marrow 15 hours after you have died.


Poop and Pee

Every muscle in your body relaxes as soon as you die. This includes
the sphincter muscles that keep your bowels and bladder muscles locked.
If there’s anything to expel at this point, it will seep out.


Wrinkles Disappear

minute your heart stops beating, your muscles will lose all tension.
The relaxation of your muscles makes the worry lines on your forehead
and any other wrinkles disappear immediately. If you are very old, you
will still have saggy skin. However, your forehead won’t be scrunched.


Your Nails and Hair Seem to Grow

There is a common misconception that your hair and nails keep growing after you’re dead. The truth is, your skin starts to dry out and in the process shrinks away from the hair follicles and cuticles. This makes your hair and nails appear longer than they actually are.


You Might Moan and Groan

scary, huh? It’s actually possible for you to moan, groan, sigh, or let
out a squeaking sound after you are dead. You will need some help
though. After you die, there is usually air left in your lungs. If
someone moves or rolls your body, some of the air can be pushed out
through your windpipe. This will rattle your vocal chords and produce a


Gut Bacteria Runs Amok

bacteria in your gut get the freedom to enter the bloodstream and use
the blood vessels to travel to all parts of the body after you are dead.
This is the bacterium that helps with digestion and keeps the immune
system in tip-top condition. After spreading to other parts of the body,
the bacteria will play a role in the decomposition of the body. Gut
bacteria is the reason why dead bodies give off a bad smell. That’s what
happens to your body when you die.


Your Skin Will Be Stained

seen how JELL-O-like blood pools around dead bodies on TV? The same
happens to the blood in your body when you die. Since there is no more
blood flow, gravity causes the blood to pool and thicken at the lowest
part of your body. This could be your feet if you’re sitting down or
your butt if you’re lying on your back. If the blood stays there for 12
hours, the skin around that area will stain.


Rigor Mortis Happens

Rigor mortis
is the stiffening of the muscles after a person dies. It is caused by
the depletion of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). This is the chemical that
helps with the relaxation of muscle fibers in the body. ATP is produced
by the muscle cells through metabolic process. When you die and stop
breathing, the cells stop producing the chemical. This causes the
microscopic fibers in your muscles to lock up and stiffen the muscles.
In about 2 to 4 hours, rigor mortis hits your facial muscles and the
bigger muscle groups in about 6 to 12 hours. This goes on for about a
day or two and then the muscles start looking more relaxed.

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