What to Never Wear on a Plane, From a Flight Attendant

Despite how much we admire celebrity airport style, it’s not always so easy to figure out what you should wear on a plane when push comes to shove, especially now that many of us have put our travel plans on pause for a while. Stilettos and high-waisted leather pants look great in paparazzi shots of stars strutting through airport terminals, yet in action, these statement-making ensembles can prove a bit trickier. And though we’d all love to look our best when hitting the skies, certain wardrobe pieces are best left in a checked bag or carry-on. Who better to inform us of what to never wear on a plane than someone who works at 35,000 feet? We reached out to American Airlines flight attendant Andrea Fischbach to spill her list of things you shouldn’t wear when flying for the sake of comfort, practicality, and safety as well as her recommendations for what you should wear instead. Keep scrolling!

Anything Constricting

what not to wear on a plane


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“I would advise against anything really constricting,” says Fischbach. “You want to get the most comfortable you can be to avoid cramping, swelling, and anything that can affect you later.” Allowing for healthy blood circulation is especially important to avoid deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which occurs when a blood clot forms in a vein, usually in the legs. “It’s very important to be able to move around a bit in your seat—very difficult, I know—and keep your blood flowing,” Fischbach explains. “If you are tall, travel a lot, or are on a long flight, this is extremely important because you face the risk of developing DVT.” More innocuously, swelling in the stomach can also occur, causing discomfort, especially if you’re in restrictive clothes. “Bloating is a major issue, even for flight attendants, so wear something comfortable around your waist like elastic,” suggests Fischbach. “As cute as they may be, leather pants probably aren’t the best.”

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