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Why Are Women So Emotional?

Whether you are a guy or gal, you have probably asked yourself at some point why women are so emotional. This question has baffled many a person. Women tend to be more in tune with other's emotions, but they also tend to think and react very differently than men. This does not mean women are irrational, but quite the contrary. Many researchers have found women are very logical thinkers that can relate better with others, thus making women some of the greatest leaders in history and today.

Why Are Women So Emotional?


The Female Brain

Research has found evidence that women's brains process emotion differently than men's think tanks. Studies have shown the difference not only affects emotions but also brain activity and memory. It has also been found that women have a greater amount of emotional stimuli. A study exposed men and women to emotion-producing images. Researchers found that women reacted more openly and had greater motor and facial reactions to stimuli, especially negative ones. After viewing the images, participants were then asked to recall by memory the pictures. Women did much better than men, especially in the cases of positive stimuli. The evidence suggests women process emotions and memory differently than men.


Ways Women Express Emotions

Why are women so emotional? Some say because women have a better limbic system, so they can express their emotions and feelings more openly. The limbic system is the part of the brain that controls our emotions, as well as our reactions to these emotions. Since women are "wired" to handle sentiments in a better manner, they do not feel the same inhibitions as men about their feelings and can deal with them in an uninhibited way. In the same sense, since women are so in sync with their emotions, they are more susceptible to negative reactions and feelings.



Many people think a big reason why women are so emotional is because of their hormones. While the actual level of a woman's hormones does not directly affect her mood, an increased presence of estrogen can alter a woman's emotions and reactions. Estrogen affects the brain by increasing serotonin receptors, stimulating nerve development and changing the effects of endorphin. How these changes in the brain affect a woman differs from one to the other. Because the presence of these hormones greatly changes over the course of a female cycle, a woman's emotions, sensitivity and reactions can change from one moment to another.


Social Bias

Society allows women to be more emotional, while it often tells men it is weak for them to express their feelings. Because of this, men tend to hold in their feelings, keeping everything bottled up inside. It is acceptable for a woman to discuss her state of mind with others, without fear of hiding her reactions. Most of the time, women do not fear judgment from others when they express themselves. From a very young age, they have been told it is okay to cry, laugh, frown and smile. However, this is not always the case in the workplace or other professional settings. It varies depending on the work environment.

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