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Why Do Fat People Smell?

Our body is covered in numerous skin folds and because of their nature they are perfect areas for sweat buildup. This is due in part to minimized airflow. As the moisture from perspiration mixes with bacteria, an unpleasant odor forms. When considering why fat people smell, this is one factor to think about. However, this occurrence is not limited to individuals who are overweight. Anyone with skin folds can be affected. Luckily, the problem can be fixed by changing hygiene practices to help rid yourself of bacteria.

Why do Fat People Smell?

It may appear that overweight people have a greater odor than others. This leads many to ask why. There are many reasons why it may seem so.


Skin Folds

People who are overweight usually have more skin folds, thus more areas for sweat and bacteria to get trapped. When these two elements mix, it often leads to an unpleasant odor. Bathing regularly and following other good hygiene practices will help quite a bit, but it cannot get rid of the whole problem because normal build-up will happen.


Gas Build-Up

Another reason why overweight individuals may have a stronger smell is because they tend to have a greater presence of hydrogen and methane in their bodies, which is released from several areas including their breath. A study has found a direct relationship between a higher presence of these gases and increased body fat. Because they are exhumed through a person’s breath, the smell surrounds the individual and the surrounding proximity.


Digestive Bacteria

The gas-like odor omitted by overweight people can also be caused by microbes that live in our body and more specifically in our digestive tract. When asking "why do fat people smell", think about how many more microbes must be present in an overweight person. The microbes are linked with bacteria that fester in the gut. Because people who are overweight tend to breathe heavier, they draw up more of the air contaminated by the odors.


False Assumptions

Believe it or not, sometimes an overweight person does not smell bad at all but is still perceived to. Because of false assumptions that fat people have a foul odor, individuals senses are fooled when they see someone overweight and they think they smell a bad odor. This has been proven by scientific studies in which obese subjects had no odor at all, yet those surveyed thought they sensed an unpleasant smell coming from the subjects.

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