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Why Some People Commit Suicide by Hanging?

Unfortunately, there are several ways that adults try to commit suicide. Hanging is one of them. Why do people choose it? It's a form of strangulation that usually involves a noose or length of rope or fabric. The noose compresses the airway, which stops the oxygen from flowing into the lungs, and it also compresses the carotid arteries, which prevent blood from flowing into the brain. The result is asphyxia. Though hanging in children is usually an accident – such as getting tangled up in clothes or a harness – hanging in adults is often suicide. But why do some people hang themselves? Here are some of the reasons why they might choose to do this.

Why Do People Hang Themselves?


They Think It Will Be Easy

Many people who choose to hang themselves see it as a sure and fast way to die, without them ever being conscious of the fact that they are dying. They believe it will be relatively painless and will lead to a completed suicide. For many, however, this is not the case.


They Think It Is Simple to Do

The things it takes to hang themselves are easy to find, as the most common household items and clothing can be used for hanging. When the materials aren't hard to find, those who are suicidal might go the route that is easiest, rather than looking for methods that are going to delay their decision.


It Is Considered "Clean" by Some

Unlike death by gunshot or the like, hanging is considered to be a cleaner method with no blood or obvious damage to the body. This is usually chosen by those who don't want to leave a trauma for others to experience or don't want to alter the appearance of their bodies. However, sometimes this does not work out as they had planned.


It Happens in Pursuit of Sexual Pleasure

When looking at why people choose to hang themselves, researchers have found that many hanging "suicides" are actually accidents that happened during sexual play. Autoerotic asphyxiation, or cutting off their oxygen while masturbating to enhance sexual pleasure, can often lead to passing out. Then the victim cannot loosen the noose, and they die of suffocation.

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