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Window Seal Repair

When moisture gets between two glass panes, the result is window seal failure. This is a rare occurrence since condensation normally stays either of the sides but not both. However, when this happens, glass can break because of the failing seal. To make sure someone doesn’t get hurt, cover the place that is broken with duct tape or something else that will offer protection until the window is repaired.

Explainded below are several ways for window seal repair based on how severe the problem is. 

Why Do Window Seals Fail?

Window seal failure can be caused by:

  • When pressure builds up between two panes most on hot days (commonly known as “heat pumping”)

  • In the colder months shrinking might occur

  • Contraction and expansion of the sealing material

Windows that face the south or the west experience seal failure more frequently since they are exposed to the sun longer. The effect of intense direct sunlight will cause the sealing material that was originally used to deteriorate faster on windows facing these directions as compared to the rest. If you are choosing new windows it's important to consider solid, abiding, transferable warranties (preferable 20 year warranties). This is because the windows will perform better for a long periods, and the transferable warranty will add value when it comes to the resale value.

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